A short description of the artistic and creative work of Mads Ljungdahl is somewhat difficult, as quite a few elements are in play. To keep it simple ML usually refer to his work as: Sound and Visual Art, as he work in parallel in both field, images and sound.

ML first became interested in sound and recording, when he [8 years old] borrowed a handheld mono tape cassette-recorder and a microphone, making plays and 'sketch shows* with friends and interviewing people in the street. And although his interest in painting played a dominant role in his teenage years, the sound-interest did not dilute. Nor did it during his time on the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen [1980's] were he mainly worked with paintings [though time was also left for his interest in music, both as a listener, remote recorder and performer]. The first thing that happened after finishing the Art Academy, was assisting the sound designer Per Streit on "Europa" [the Lars von Trier movie]. After the school years, the sound work was a breeze of fresh air which opened new doors to more exiting work.

Since then, the visual work and sound work has been two parallel paths - so while continuing his work with paintings ML established himself both as music sound engineer and as sound designer for theater with several of Denmark's "leading" directors in that field, composing atmospheres and soundscapes.

Around year 2000 his visual work changed path from painting to more photo based work, both as "straight" camera eye photography and as hybrid art-work, merging drawing, photo and digital modelling [e.g. the DREAM TEAM Series, which later became part of the exhibiton "Scandinavan Photography" which toured in USA 2005-07, from Iowa through New York to FotoFest in Houston]. In 2009  his work with animation began, combining sound and visual work for the first time. These has via collaborations been shown in a long line of physical screenings around the world.

THE DECORATED CHILDREN - stories and mysteries about the privileged human being - is a hybrid of grafic drawing and photography, also released as an art-picture book. Besides several exhibitions in Denmark - a large solo-exhibition under the title 'Los Niños Adornados' was shown in Buenos Aires, at Recoleta Cultural Center during Encuentros Abiertos (Argentine’s Photofestival) in 2014.

His latest work include several different projects. One of the more prominent being his entirely black and white graphic works. First out was 'Drones' (also released as art publication from ARK - Aarhus, DK) incl. exhibitions in both Copenhagen and Aalborg.

A new black and white work-series is under developement called 'Ferom' - sub-titled, 'Amorous Jumble'. First show will be in Format Art Space CPH, in 2016.

Several other projects are under development, both solo work and collaborations, in all work-fields: Graphics, Photography, Sound and Moving Image.